Diagnose Your Issue and Get Instant Solutions | Guide2020-05-16T16:34:15+00:00
Technical error / Signal Not available2020-05-16T14:19:40+00:00

Step-1: Check the Weather conditions, see if heavy rain, storm, or cloudy weather is at your place?

  1. Poor Weather Conditions – The signals might get lost due to the heavy clouds or rainfall. Please wait for the weather to get better.
  2. Good Weather Conditions – Proceed to Step 2

Step-2: Is your TV on?

  1. Make sure you troubleshoot when you are sitting in front of your Television.
  2. Kindly proceed to the next step.

Step-3: Kindly check to see if your cable wire ( RG Cable i-e wire connected to the antenna) is connected properly with your Set-Top Box. After doing so, proceed to step 4.

Step-4: Restart your Set-Top Box. Power off your STB and turn it back on.

Step-5: See if this has resolved your issue?

  1. Thank you for going through the steps of self-troubleshoot.
  2. You need to make an appointment with the technician so he can resolve your issue. Reach us at http://dishtvshop.com/ to Customer Care for complaint registration.
Unable to view channels but TV error code not confirmed2020-05-16T14:19:40+00:00

Step-1: You need to confirm the Account Status of d2h

  1. Suspended Account – You need to recharge your account to resume watching your favorite shows.
  2. Active Account – Proceed to Step 2

Step-2: Is your TV on?

  1. Turn on the STB and reach at http://dishtvshop.com/ with your RTN and refresh your account.
  2. Proceed to the next step.

Step-3: Restart the Set-Top Box. Power off the Box from the main source and turn it on again.

Step-4: See if doing so has solved your issue. 

  1. Thanks for going through the self-troubleshooting steps.
  2. Please reach us at http://dishtvshop.com/ with your RTN with your Set-Top Box on, so your account is refreshed.

Step-5: Please make sure if your problem is solved?

  1. Thank you for using the Self-troubleshooting steps.
  2. Kindly register your complaint at http://dishtvshop.com/ to our Customer Care Center so an appointment for the technician visit can be made.
E16-4/C04: On All Channels2020-05-16T14:19:39+00:00

Step-1: Confirm the Account Status of d2h

  1. Suspended Account – – You need to recharge your account in order to resume entertaining yourself with favorite channels.
  2. Active Account – Proceed to Step 2

Step-2: Is your TV on?

  1. From your RTN, reach us at http://dishtvshop.com/ to refresh your acc. and let the STB stay on for the next 15 mins.
  2. Proceed to Step 3


Step-3: Restart your Set-Top Box. Power off the Box from the main source and turn it on again. Change to Channel No. 149

Step-4: Reach our webpage http://dishtvshop.com/ to refresh your d2h account (from your RTN). Now you have to wait for 15 secs.

Step-5: See if this has resolved your problem?

  1. Thanks for going along the steps.
  2. Please let your STB to remain on for 10 minutes for an automatic resumption of the services.
d2h Stuck on Loading Screen2020-05-16T14:19:39+00:00

Step-1: Are you sitting with your TV on?

  1. Please Troubleshoot when you turn on your television.
  2. Proceed to the next step.

Step-2: Please turn off your STB and turn it on again from the main switch to restart your Set top box.

Step-3: Has this solved your problem?

  1. Thanks for the troubleshooting.
  2. If your using model HD6666-RF, HD5555-RF,6677, 4K ULTRA, or DDB for your STB then it is required to make an appointment for the Technician Visit at http://dishtvshop.com/ to resolve your problem. If not these models, then press “GREEN–ZER0—FIVE–MUTE” keys with your remote control.

Step-4: Has doing so resolved your error?

  1. Thanks for troubleshooting
  2. You need to arrange a Tech visit for clearing up the problem.
Blue-Black Screen/ Raster on Screen / Picture Not Clear Screen2020-05-16T14:19:39+00:00

Step-1: Is your TV on?

  1. Please troubleshoot when it is on.
  2. Proceed to the next step.

Step-2: Restart your Set Top Box. Power off the Box from the main source and turn it on again

Step-3: Kindly change the mode of your TV to Normal TV (AV) or HD TV (HDMI).

Step-4: Has this solved your problem?

  1. Thanks for following the steps of Self-troubleshooting.
  2. Properly connect the connector and wire again.

Step-5: Check to see if your issue has ended?

  1. Thanks to troubleshooting
  2. Make an appointment for the Technician who will look up the issue.
INSERT Satellite Card message appears on the screen.2020-05-16T14:19:39+00:00

Please follow the following procedure

  • Kindly insert the “Satellite Card” within the slot.
  • Turn Off and On the satellite Box/TV/DVD or LCD.
  • Please change the Viewing Card if your issue hasn’t solved.
Blank Screen.2020-05-16T14:19:39+00:00

Examine the connection of your satellite box, TV, DVD, LCD whatever you use, and reconnect it with the Television Set.

The remote control doesn’t work.2020-05-16T14:19:39+00:00

Follow the steps for resolving this issue

  • Check the AA-sized batteries in the rear-panel of the remote control if you are plugged in properly.
  • If the problem hasn’t solved, please reconnect the batteries.
  • If it is still not working, exchange the previous batteries with the new AA-sized batteries.
  • Please check for any hindrance between the Remote Control and Satellite Box, if any then remove it.
Satellite LCD/TV/DVD/Box does not show POWER ON (No Indicator).2020-05-16T14:19:39+00:00
  1. Please turn ON the main AC power switch if it’s OFF.
  2. You can plug it in a different socket.
  3. Make sure that the main power cable is plugged in and it has power.
DO’S and DONT’S.2020-05-16T14:19:39+00:00
  • Please handle the Satellite Box and the remote control with care. Make sure you DO NOT drop it or knock it off which can damage its electrical components.
  • Please DO NOT try to work on the satellite box or remote control to repair/service it. This kind of tempering will cause malfunctioning which will revoke your warranty.
  • Please clean the equipment with a dry & soft piece of fabric. DO NOT try to wipe it off with any harsh detergents or chemicals.
  • Please keep any sort of liquids away from the STB and DO NOT allow such contact.
  • For repairing purposes, only AUTHORIZED BBCL personnel are allowed.
  • Neglecting the above conditions will nullify your warranty.
  • Kindly clean the Air Vents of the STB to maintain its moderate temperature. It is advised to keep a space of 40cm free above the box.
The remote control and the Satellite LCD/TV/DVD/Box don’t work / does not respond2020-05-16T14:19:39+00:00

Switch off the STB and unplug the device from the power source. Plug-in after a few seconds and switch it back on.

The colors aren’t natural / Black & White pic.

  1. Kindly check the connection of the AV cords if they are properly plugged in.
  2. Find out if your television set supports PAL. If yes, then switch it to PAL (NTSC/PAL)
No Sound2020-05-16T14:19:38+00:00
  1. Press the ‘Mute Button’ to unmute the sound if it was on mute.
  2. Examine the connections of the AV Cables and connect them properly to the respected devices.

The sound is very low or inaudible.

  1. Check the volume of the TV set.
  2. Check the volume of the Satellite LCD/TV/DVD/Box.

How do I know that my transaction is confirmed?

You will be rerouted to our web page once your payment transaction on the secure platform of your Banks’ site is done. Then you will be shown a confirmation page.

Pay Channels not available.2020-05-16T14:19:38+00:00
  • Check to see the details of the Subscription.
  • Please ensure that the Satellite Card is pushed-in properly.
E16-4 Service is currently scrambled.2020-05-16T14:19:38+00:00

d2h  On-Screen Message:

“E16-4 Service is currently scrambled.

  1. If recently recharged, ensure that your d2h product is in power ON or STANDBY mode for at least 1 hour for services to resume.
  2. You may not have subscribed to this channel.

To subscribe this channel log on to your account on http://dishtvshop.com/ & select “Add Top-Up” or Upgrade Package or Order Movie or Call our customer Care”

  • Probable Cause:
  • If your package does not include that channel.
  • If the customers are having a problem in getting the services after a recent recharge. Refreshing the account will resolve the issue. Sometimes, an engineer visit is requested for swapping the box.
  • It may occur when the subscriber hasn’t recharged his account.


  • How it gets resolved
  1. By a hard refresh

Swapping of the box.

Technical error- Please power off and restart2020-05-16T14:19:38+00:00

d2h Message on Screen:


  1. Please change the channel to check if you can see the Audi/Video.
  2. Please Turn Off your d2h device from the main power source and Restart it after 5 secs.
  3. Kindly ensure that the signal cable coming from the antenna is properly connected to the d2h Device.
  4. Please wait for the improvement of weather conditions in case of heavy clouds or rainfall which disrupts the signals.
  5. Contact our Customer Care Center if your issue does not resolve.
  • Probable Cause:
  1. Due to Bad Weather Conditions
  2. Due to Solar outage
  3. If there is a connection problem in the signal cable.
  4. If there is a misalignment of the reflector.
  5. Due to the reception of week signals.
  • Resolve the issue by:
  1. By power cycling or reset the STB

By a Technician Visit, if a technical error has occurred.

E 107 – 4 Smart Card not paired with the Box2020-05-16T14:19:38+00:00

d2h Message Appears on Screen:

“E 107 – 4 Smart Card not paired with the box”

  • Probable Cause:
  1. The random appearance of the error on the screen
  2. It may appear sometimes due to the inactive set.
  • How to resolve it:
  • Refresh it
  • Do the power cycling
E 30 – 42020-05-16T14:19:38+00:00

d2h On-Screen Message:

“E 30 – 4 Service is currently scrambled”

  • Probable Cause:

If the subscribers haven’t used the STB for an extended time, so it may appear when it is turned on.

  • Resolve this issue by:
  1. Refresh it.

By a Tech Visit

E 100 – 42020-05-16T14:19:38+00:00

d2h Message Appears:

“E 100 – 4 Service is currently scrambled.

(Smart Card Error — Date Code on the card has gone backward.)”

  • Probable Cause:

This error may sometimes display on the users’ screen after activation.

Sometimes, while watching your channels the error (E 100 – 4) may occur out of nowhere.

  • How to solve the issue:
  1. By Constant Refresh
  2. Swapping at times
E 118 – 42020-05-16T14:19:38+00:00

d2h shows a Message:

“E 118 – 4 CI Layer Mismatch on the smartcard”

  • Probable Cause:

This error may appear on the subscribers’ screen after activation.

  • How to resolve it:

Call the Engineer and request the change of Box.

E-04-4 Please insert Smart Card2020-05-16T14:19:38+00:00

d2h Message on Screen:

“E-04-4 Please insert Smart Card in the d2h product as per the directions mentioned on it. Please do not remove the smart card unless advised to do so.”

  • Probable Cause:

If there is a problem in Smart Card Insertion.

  • How to solve your issue:

Remove the Smart Card and Reinsert it.


d2h Message on Screen:

“E06-4: Smart card problem, please remove the smart card & reinsert it after 10 seconds. If the problem persists kindly get in touch with us through our helpline numbers.”

  • Probable Cause:

If there is a communication failure with the Smart Card (Smart-Card Failure).

  • How to resolve it:

-Remove and reinsert the Smart Card

I07-4 Checking Smart Card (verifying card)2020-05-16T14:19:37+00:00

d2h shows Message on Screen:

“I07 – 4 Checking smartcard”

  • Probable Cause:

It can appear on the screen randomly.

  • How to resolve it:

– By refreshing it.