Unlimited Channels means Unlimited Entertainment! Sun Direct Recharge Offers you the clarity of an image that will keep our undivided attention. The screen quality is 5 times sharper and glassy with 1080i and 16:9 width ratio of high definition system.  This Indian satellite broadcast provider uses a Dolby sound system and HEVC Tech to ensure unparalleled results. The upgradation since its launch in 2008, has earned Sun Direct with millions of subscribers and promising new users every new day.

Sun Direct offers a wide range if SD & HD packs covering at least 400+ channels. The channels include a variety of options in each TV genre like a business, sports, news, lifestyle, movies, kids, information, etc. You can subscribe to the package of your choice of language like Marathi, Tamil, Bengali, Telugu, etc whichever covers your favorite channels.

Sun Direct SD Packages:

The perfectly curated SD packages by Sun Direct are an all-time favorite offer for our users. Since you can choose from many available dialects so it has been a marvelous choice for uninterrupted entertainment. The SD packs are Tamil DPO 2A, South DPO Pack, Marathi DPO 3, Bengali DPO, etc.

There is a wide range of packages to choose from and you can stay up-to-date about any category from religion, lifestyle, sports, music, to science, information, regional, etc. There are also multiple options for other broadcaster Bouquets which are formed by a mixture of particular channels which you like.

Sun Direct HD Packages:

Life becomes clearer with high definition screen quality. Sun Direct HD packages are diverse and provide you with the opportunity to have a quality time with family or alone, however you prefer it. With the 5-times better image quality, HD packs become something magical to experience. HD Kannada DPO Pack, HD Telugu DPO Pack, HD Marathi DPO Pack are a few examples of many available HD packages. These are offered in many different dialects that are spoken around India, hence the millions of subscribers of Sun Direct. Infotainment, Regional, English GEC, Sports, Business, Entertainment, Movies, and many other categories.

Online Recharge

Subscribe to your favorite packages by getting an online Recharge from http://dishtvshop.com/online-recharge/ by just a click from your mobile/laptop. Now you don’t need to go out and get a recharge from a retailer when you can get it online. Select your favorite package and subscribe to it by paying through your Debit/Credit Card.

You can check out the huge list of channels below which are offered to our loyal customers for their amusement. The list includes a few channels of some TV categories that are most popular among our users. You can find other SD & HD channels on our website.






Colors Rishtay


Zee Anmol

Music India




Star Movies

UTV Movies

CNN International

Times Now

News X

NDTV India

India TV

Aj Tak


Republic TV




DD Sports

Star Sports first

Star Sports 1

Star Sports 2

Star Sports Select

Cartoon Network




Nick Jr.


Marvel HQ

Discovery Kids

Sonic Nickelodeon

Now you can add/remove any channel from your subscribed package and mold it according to your nature.


                                           SUN-DIRECT-DTH FAQs

1. How to upgrade my set-top box?

  Contact the Customer Care Helpline of Sun Direct to get an upgrade of SD      SD+ with the facility to record and from SD      HD for your Set-Top Box.

2. How to reset my password?

Follow the following steps for resetting your password:

Open My Account/Sign In. Login through RMN/SMC/CR-ID.

Click the link of Forgot Password?  Present on the top right corner menu.

You will receive an OTP (One-Time Password) on the cell number which is registered with our account. Verify it.

Now, create a new different password and then confirm it. Submit it when you are done.

3. How to modify or change my registered mobile number?

You can change your Registered Mobile Number (RMN) by following the given steps:

Open My Account/Sign-In by RMN/SMC/CR-ID

From the top-right corner, open Menu and select My Profile link.

Put your password in.

From My Profile page, select Change Mobile Number option.

Now put in your desired New Registered Number and submit it by entering your password.

4. What should I do if any channels are not working?

Whenever your STB shows error codes on your screen, it may occur due to the bad weather conditions or when there is a hindrance in the communication of your antenna with the connected satellite. Your STB may show some of these error codes.






You are advised to let the weather get better in such conditions. If that’s not the case then you can just Refresh your STB to solve the issue.

5. How to refresh your Sun Direct set-top box or receiver?

You can troubleshoot/refresh you Set-top box by going through these guidelines:

Switch to the Channel 123 while your STB in On.

Open the webpage www.sundirect.in and click on the Help link. Open the Refresh here to watch the subBy using your RMN/Smart-Card Number/CDSN/ CR-ID, verify your account.

Choose the error code which is showing on your screen and Refresh it.