This Indian broadcast provider is a well-known brand and is known for A-class services for its users. The service was launched in 2008 and has upgraded itself a great deal since then. This DTH connection offers the image quality 5 times better and shaper hence making the experience of watching television magical in its own way. The high definition quality of its channels with 1080 pixels and a marvelous wide aspect ratio of 16:9. Sun Direct has many HD packages for its users but at the same time, it covers the SD packs as well. With the HEVC Technology and Dolby surround system, Sun Direct ensures the best screen results.

The packs are available in many dialects spoken around the country and they form a mix of channels of SD & HD packages. These packs include hundreds of channels according to your Recharge subscription. From entertainment, movies, lifestyle, sports to infotainment, science, religion, they cover many tv genres and categories, which leaves you many options to watch from and indulge yourself.

Sun Direct SD Packs:

Sun Direct is one of the best service providers that have more than 10 million subscribers because they think of their users as their own. They offer man SD packages for its customers. It could also be a mixture of SD and HD package. These packs are curated professionally according to the needs of the users. You can choose the package of our dialect and favorite categories of channels. Some of the SD packs are

  • Kannada DPO Packs
  • My FTA
  • NCF 1
  • South DPO Packs

The cover regional, sports, lifestyle, movies, and many other categories. All you have to do is go through the packages and pick the one which matches our needs the most and subscribes it.

Sun Direct HD Packs:

Nothing seems better than watching the television in high definition. It makes the experience worth-while, and with the 5 times sharper image quality, it might feel like you in the world of your screen. HD packages offered by the Sun Direct are diverse and carefully curated, providing access to all sorts of channel categories. Some packs are names as

  • HD Kannada DPO Packs
  • HD Tamil DPO Packs
  • HD Telugu DPO Packs
  • HD ROI DPO Packs

These packages in different languages are one of the main reasons that there are millions of subscribers on Sun Direct. They include Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam, etc. HD packs have a mixture of English GEC, regional, kids, sports, infotainment, etc for viewers to choose from.

Sun Direct Online Recharge

DishTV Shop has an online recharge option on its webpage for its customers so that they can easily get a Recharge without going out. Subscribe to our favorite packages and make the payment online by your Credit/Debit Card. You can also add or remove any channels from the Add-On Packs and it will start working with our latest recharge.

Availability in Middle-Eastern Countries:

From India Saudia Arabia, Dubai, Qatar, Oman to Kuwait, Afghanistan, Bahrain; Sun Direct provides awesome broadcast services to its subscribers to many Middle Eastern countries.