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DishTV Shop – TATA Sky

DishTV Shop offers Tata Sky Recharge digital direct broadcast services of an Indian company. They are the second company to give HD box compatibility with the SD one. They offer a variety of services for all family members.  Tata Sky provides many channels covering all sorts of TV genres like sports, comedy, entertainment, news, patriotic, fashion, regional, etc for the users. Being one of the leading DTH providers, Tata Sky ensures the quality of its customers. The provider offers a total of 601 channels, which are a sum of 495 SD channels and 99 HD channels along with many other services at the moment.  Their packages are divided into curated and regional packs from which you can choose.

DishTV SD Tata Sky Packages:

DishTV Shop offers Tata sky packs that are based on TV genres. All you have to do is select the package which matches your needs the most. Some of the SD packages by DishTV are 

  • Malayalam Basic
  • Bengali Lite Plus
  • Punjab Super
  • Kannada Basic

and a lot more packages which cover many like sports, entertainment, comedy, religion, news, etc. Some packages are specially created entirely on single or multiple genres like for sports, there are several options like Premium Sports English which also covers lifestyle, movies & music, and movies to keep your family entertained as well.

DishTV HD Tata Sky Packages:

Tata Sky is known for its many amazing features in DTH one of which is High Definition quality channels for its customers. There are up to 99 HD Channels of many categories. If you want to watch sports or news channels and our kids want science, informational or cartoons, then don’t worry about a thing. Our HD packages are assembled and created by keeping your best interests at heart. A few HD packs out of many are

  • Family Kids Sports HD
  • Kannada basic HD
  • Malayalam Basic HD

These are a few examples of many available packages in HD. They are a mixture of channels covering science and informational channels and amuse themselves by cartoon movies. All these packages are also offered in various languages spoken around India. Some of them are

  • Marathi Hindi Family Kids
  • Bengali Hindi Family Kids Sports
  • Telugu Family Kids Sports
  • Tamil Family Kids Sports

DishTV Shop Tata Sky Recharge

Making life at home much easier, a few clicks and you good to go. Visit our webpage go through all the amazing offers of HD & SD packages, whichever covers your desired channels more, and select it. Recharge online by paying through your Debit/Credit Card to avail of the package.

DishTV in Middle Eastern Countries

DishTV Shop provides DTH services with the best packages for customers in middle eastern countries like Kuwait, Afghanistan, Oman, Qatar, Dubai, Saudi Arabia. You can get the services in Bahrain as well. You will have quick & easy access to the best packages and services through DishTV Shop at your home.